“Memory”. Cover for Robinson (weekly cultural supplement of La Repubblica).

Three illustrations for Robinson’s cover story, in which Umberto Eco writes about the importance of historical memory.

“The High Priestess”. In a recent lecture, Margaret Atwood referred to some tarots to explain the structure of her novel. Published on Robinson/La Repubblica.

“Eat you stamps or I’ll leave you” said the philatelist’s girlfriend. An article about collections, published on Robinson/La Repubblica.

MIT scientists developed a body movement-powered pacemaker.
Cover for Health&Science/Washington Post

A Gentlemen’s guide for art, food, hotels and cocktail bars around the world. Published on Icon Magazine.

Cover for Tutto Milano, culture and leisure weekly supplement of the milanese edition of La Repubblica, celebrating its thousandth issue.

“What book would you bring to a deserted island?”. Published on Robinson/La Repubblica.

Review of “The boy detective. A childhood in New York” by American novelist Roger Rosenblatt. Published on Robinson/La Repubblica.

Billboard for JazzMi, a jazz festival held in Milan.

Sixteen prominent figures of the 20th century, according to journalist and writer Bernardo Valli. Published on Robinson/La Repubblica.

“Novecento. The legend of the pianist on the ocean” a novel by Italian writer Alessandro Baricco. Published on Robinson/ La Repubblica.

The ten best natural reserves in Europe.
Cover for Album Viaggi/La Repubblica.

The rediscovery of the fantastic in contemporary literature and its relationship with tradition. Published on Robinson /La repubblica.

Cover for Auto, La Repubblica’s motor supplement, about Frankfurt and Tokyo motors shows.

Chinese electric car for Auto, La Repubblica’s motor supplement.

A love triangle, a homicide and a mysterious manuscript. Review of “The book of mirrors” by Romanian novelist E.O. Chirovici.
Published on Robinson / La Repubblica.

Archaeologists recently found a Nestorian cross in the old city of Bam, in Iran.  Published on La Repubblica.

Sufi philosophy, expressed by the dance of a whirling dervish in Konya, is endangered by modern lifestyle and the increase of radical Islam. Published on La Repubblica.

The Silk Road, the ancient trading network that connected East and West. Published on La Repubblica.

A journey through space and time on the train that connects Europe to the Chinese town of Xi’an. Published on La Repubblica.

Cover for “Impact India”, a Stanford Social Innovation report.

“The perfect gentleman’s wardrobe” cover for Arbiter.

Architect Alvar Aalto portrayed in his home town, Helsinki. Published on La Repubblica.

In 1936 Berlin Olympics, Adolf Hitler was very annoyed by the huge success of African American athlete Jesse Owens. Published on La Repubblica.

Travelling any possible way with every possible vehicle. Cover for La Repubblica summer travels special.

Soccer players on the beach in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. Published on La Repubblica.

In the exclusive bars on top of Hong Kong skyscrapers, groups of international expats melancholically sip their cocktails. Published on la Repubblica

Pope Francesco decided not to live in the private Pope’s apartments in the apostolic palace of Vatican. Published on la Repubblica.